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Watch out drivers! There’s a new and dangerous insurance fraud scam targeting you.

Insurance fraud scams have been around for years, there’s no doubting that – but it appears the con artists out there are getting cleverer as the years go on, and there’s a new fraud scheme doing the rounds, which we’re urging you to beware of… ‘Flash for Cash’ You have probably heard of the historical ‘crash for cash’ scams, in which criminals suddenly brake – for no reason – causing […]

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Huge parking charges from local authorities, but not in Walsall!

Whether you’re driving your own car or have hired one of ours, you can’t escape the bane of all drivers lives: the parking ticket. Of course, through careful and sensible parking, the frustrating charges can be avoided, but we’ve all been there at some point: the less-than-carefully worded signs, the faded double yellows, the uncommunicated updates in time restrictions… whatever the cause, the pain in parting with those few notes […]

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